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We are the largest company in Kyrgyzstan providing consultation on education

Avenir is the only company in Kyrgyzstan providing people with in-depth knowledge of education and related wide range spectrum of education services and projects.

Our Advantages

We have strong founders and team with immense experience of collaboration of government and private business in education sector.

The largest association of enterpreneurs in Kyrgyzstan is the main partner of Avenir.


“I have know the team and the leaders for many years. This is one of the best teams to build effective new system in education sector...”

Young enterpreneur

“Our country needs news in education sector with the common intersection of government and private sector. Avenir is the best initiative step first into it.”

Government official

About Company

Avenir is the education complex consisting of wide range of activities in education sector in Kyrgyzstan.

One real working project with 50-60 students in Software Developing and Professional English

The only center of TOEIC accredited by ETS GLOBAL in Kyrgyzstan.

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